Motion Capture Syncing a Walk and Sit - Faline Farwell Animation

Syncing Two Motion Capture Clips - Walking to Sit Down - Motion Builder
- Faline Farwell Animation -

This another practice shot for motion capture editing that I decided to upload. Created fully in motion builder. Some of the difficulties I faced with this shot was the motion capture data and the rig. The motion capture data had many areas with problems, the feet in particular.
I was trying to mostly practice syncing the two animations so I did not spend as much time of the feet polish. They could really use another pass.
Another difficultie I had overall was seeing issues in the animation and locating which control in the FCurves had spikes or other jumpy motions.
Since the motion capture data is synced in both IK and FK I was some issues with controls working against each other.
I hope to find a better rig for my next practice shot as well as better techniques when targeting the motion capture data to the control rig in order to avoid issues.

Motion Capture Syncing Two Clips - Faline Farwell Animation

Syncing Two Motion Capture Clips - MotionBuilder
- Faline Farwell Animation -

I created this animation in MotionBuilder completely using two .BVH motion capture files from ACCAD. I used a rig that I imported from Maya, it has no facial controls.
I used MotionBuilders Ghosting, Matching, and FCurve tools to polish the animation. I also created a separate animation layer for larger changes to the shot.
During the work on this shot I was attempting to be as time efficient as possible, to see how quickly I could get a pass done. The polished version you see took me about one days worth of work to complete. There are still parts of the animation that could be improved with more time.

I am currently working on my next motion capture shot with interaction with objects, using the constraint tools within MotionBuilder.

Rooftop Parkour Shot

Body Mechanics - Rooftop Parkour Animation
 Faline Farwell ~

Body mechanics shot I did in Maya, and composited in Nuke. Rig is from

"Spooled Performance" Logo Animation

"Spooled Performance" Logo Animation
Faline Farwell Animation

Modeled, and animated in Maya. Composited in Autodesk Composite.
Spooled Performance is a car enthusiast group, beginning to develop recreational videos of the members car modifications!

Body Mechanics Shot - Rooftop Parkour

Body Mechanics Shot - Rooftop Parkour

Rig - "Stewart" from

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Planning sketchbook.
Blocking Play-Blast.
Blocking workflow timelapse.

Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing Practice

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